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Yoga mat matters needing attention


1. Whether the sticky;
2. Whether is easy to clean;
3. Is easy to carry;
4. Is there any mark "life";
5. Flat out on the floor, whether smooth, easily won't wrinkle;
6. The material is environmental protection, will cause harm to and body;
7. After the sweat will buy yoga mat must consider when _ the yoga mat, will not slip;
If yoga mat become dirty, can use detergent to wash water;Washing powder should be as little as possible, because any residual, will let the yoga mat after become slippery.Cloth dips in water washing powder gently scrub pads, then rush clean with clear water, the last roll up yoga mat with a dry towel, blot excess water and air;
Above is to buy yoga MATS when must pay attention to the problem, in addition, yoga mat ordinary simple cleaning, CCTV exposure yoga training like cure: learn a can with two glasses of water to add 4 drops dishwashing detergent into the spray, spray cleaning after yoga mat, health care products is not a drug taking consumers to be alert to reoccupy does cloth to wipe;

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