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Why do you must choose us--B-Enjoy
Why do you must choose us:
1> Absolutely 100% directly manufacturer . we had our own producing machine and shop floor.
2.>Many years Rubber products manufacturing experience. obtain professional Reasearch&Design team, oversea sales team and perfectly export experience.
3.> Factory pass : ISO9001, management inspection. and we had SGS-ROHS, Reach, EN71, CE certification.
4.> We welcome OEM&ODM order, accept Small trial order, accept complicate order or “troublesome order” ,well cooperate New products developing with Customer.
5.>Provide Free sample, approval sample fee refund, more discount price vary from order quantity, regular customer repeat order will be cheaper .Urgency order will be priority .etc.
6.> We creat professional QC team in each step, which well control your goods quality during all the mass production till shipping time.can do inspection service for you.
7. > Our customer from all over the world,USA,EU,Ru,Japan,middle east,Austria,Africa, etc。 At present,our brand customer contain: Coca cola, Walmart, Disney, Microsoft, Lenovo,ACER, DII, Miller,Rock start, Heineken, Benz, a great number customer we cooperate with!
8.> Just telling me what you thinking or send some of picture, we will design for you accordingly!
9.>Tell us what your target price, if we can ,will must satisfy you firstly, Regarding regular order, we will initiative discount better price, for repeat order, customer will be God!!!
10. >We had professional research team and experience, which able to give Detail products information or problem. we had professional sales team, which able to provide which style will be popular,hot selling, other customer design (but just for reference).

Why use a Mouse pad ?Have a look differernt people says
Why use a Mouse pad ?
1.       I use one for smoother scrolling when gaming.  It's most noticeable in FPS games.  Also, the mouse feet last MUCH longer on a proper pad
2.    My MX Revolution tracks considerably better on my mat than on my desk, and there is less resistance and the glides last much, much longer. So same reason I use one as above. I use Artisan Shiden-Kai, which is rubber base + cloth Top mat.
3.    I've found that not using a mousepad marks up or wears down the desk
4.    Moving mouse on a good cloth mousepad is much smoother and silent compared to using it on a desk (at least any desk I've ever seen). Most cloth mousepads are nice to touch. Note that I'm not a gamer.
5.    not only smoother but also allows for more precise movements, which is very important for gaming and Photoshop or similar applications.
the feel of it is really important. most cloth pads don't seem to be precise enough, however the Zowie G/P-TF and the Artisan lines are really good.
6.    My mouse feels smoother when using it, and even my when my wrist just rests on the pad, it's softer and doesn't case my wrist to ache
7.    Since I pick up my mouse a lot, having a mouse pad kind of dampens the drop a bit and it feels less harsh.  At work I use their cheapo $5 mice and it's very noticeable that gunk / dirty build up on your mouse feet pretty fast.  So I'd have to wipe it off every 2-3 days.  Somehow with my Artisan Shiden (soft pad) at home I never have that issue, not sure why lol.
8.    Yeah basically you're not restricted to table surface type.  You can literally buy the type of mousing surface you want.  If you want more control?  Get cloth pad.  If you want super fast?  Get hard mouse pad.  Somewhere in between?  Get a hybrid pad (Artisan Shiden).  If you don't really care?  Well I guess then you wouldn't be here if you didn't care
9.    It keeps the teflon feet from wearing out faster. I've also had some laser mice in the past that were really picky on which surface can track the best, so certain mouse pads help with traction better.
10.  To add another point, I often bring my rig to LAN parties, tournaments, and friends' houses and having a consistent feeling across them all is really good. You might get used to your desk's smoothness, but another table might be really gritty, or a different material, etc.
11.  Many reasons to use a mousepad
A. More consistent mouse movement due to better tracking.
B. Less wear on the bottom of the mouse over time, so stays smoother for longer.
C. More comfortable for your wrist.
D. Quieter than using a mouse on a wooden desk.
On desks where I haven't used a mousepad there is noticeable damage on the desk surface, 
so in some cases using a mousepad is the equivalent of using a coaster for a beverage on a nice table.

How to Choose an Ergonomic Mouse Pad
1.Find a mouse pad that allows for your natural hand position. When standing, the hand naturally falls at an angle. In order to minimize stress-related injuries, ergonomic mouse pads imitate this natural position by providing an angled surface to mouse on.
2.Make sure the mouse pad has a stable wrist rest. It should be fixed to the mouse pad, or stabilized by a sticky base or other means that won't allow for slipping. It should remain in place with normal movement.
3.Choose a wrist rest with soft material. Gel or other soft filling helps alleviate pressure on the nerves and tendons in the wrist and forearm. Harder materials tend to cause compression, leading to pain and discomfort.
4.Check the positioning of the wrist rest pad. The palm should rest on the pad, not the actual wrist. Make sure the pad is in a comfortable position that allows for freedom of movement. Make adjustments if there is any discomfort.
5.Ensure that the wrist rest is the correct size. It should be at least 1.5 inches deep, measured from front to back. Width isn't an issue for ergonomic purposes unless it doesn't accomodate the entire wrist.

How To Choose Right Gaming Mouse Pad
With computers, keyboards, mice, and even chairs designed specifically for gaming, it's easy to overlook that small sheet of rubbery plastic material that is your computer mouse pad. But that same mouse pad that you've labeled "insignificant" could turn on you when you least expect it--you might run out of space, or worse... Don't let "or worse" happen to you, and learn how to choose a mouse pad that has sworn allegiance to your art. Learn how to choose a gaming mouse pad.
1.    Get the right size. The first thing you'll notice about gaming mouse pads is how some of them are huge. This is for good reason. At the peak of battle, a mouse that falls off the mouse pad can mean disaster. A large mouse pad will at best ensure victory, and will at worst take up the spot where your drink was supposed to go. What's more important--victory, or your lifeblood? The answer should be obvious.
2.    Choose the best style. All gaming mouse pads have their own personality, and all personalities have a mouse pad designed for them. Gaming mouse pads not only vary by size, but also by design, color, texture, and even lighting effects. To keep bickering among your computer components to a minimum, it's important that the style you choose meshes well with not only your personality, but also the atmosphere of your domain. Take care to appease both your keyboard's and especially your mouse's personality or you may come to regret it only after it's too late.
3.    Get the right texture. The textures of gaming mouse pads can be broken down into two types--speed and control. On a speed surface, you accelerate and reach maximum speed fast, but you may find it lacking in the ability to help you make short, precise movements. On a control surface, acceleration is slower, allowing for extra precision when moving short distances.
4.    Try it out. The best way to ensure that you get the best material is to try the gaming mouse pad out--and in a variety of games. If it's impossible to do so, buy both types of mouse pads. If you don't have the cash, then lucky for you there are a few two-sided gaming mouse pads out there that feature both a speed and a control surface.
5.    Read reviews. Why waste energy doing what someone else has already done? Search the internet, visit forums, and read articles until you have a good idea of which gaming mouse pad works for what game, and which ones don't work at all. Once you've found the perfect gaming mouse pad, that's one less thing you can blame your failure on, so be certain you're ready to accept the consequences of your actions. If you are, victory is inevitable.

How to Clean a Mouse Pad
Problems with your mouse? A poorly performing mouse can be the result of a dirty mouse pad. A mouse pad with dirt or debris on it prevents the mouse from rolling smoothly. Cleaning the mouse pad regularly is part of basic computer hygiene and ensures better ease of use. 
1.Get the mouse pad away from the desktop system. When you clean your mouse pad on the desktop, cleaning fluid can get on the keyboard or other hardware. Find a space where you can scrub the pad without concern for other equipment.
2.Look at the mouse pad and determine what cleaner to use. Surface solvents are good for vinyl or non-fabric mouse pads. For mouse pads faced with fabric a less stringent cleaner is better, even just soap and water.
3.Scrub the mouse pad vigorously making sure to get any hard clumps of material off of the surface.
4.Rinse all cleaners off of the surface.
5.Let the mouse pad dry.