Established  in the year 2009,DongGuan B-Enjoy Crafts Co.,Ltd is a enaction enterprise with Sales,Research and  manufacturer, professionally   in the Industry of Promitions Mouse pad ,gaming Mouse pad,Desk mat,Bar mat ,Anti-slip pad ,wrist rest Mouse pad ,Ribbon and many Other good &New Crafts . We are working very hard to provide best products and perfect service to our clients. More Friends and partners are walmly welcome to building trusting relationship with us .
    B-Enjoy own many equipments such as UV color press,Slik-screen print machine,Heat transfer machine for full color print by sublimation, high-efficiency cut machine ,Laser cutting machine
Large print machine for CMKY print,bottler machine and so on,fully meet the request from varies markets and clients .
   B-Enjoy has a group of sales & skilled workers dedicated to improving  new products development. and the product quality .All operation of B-enjoy are based   ISO 9001: 2008 . Continually aim to strengthen internal management and strictly enforced at the management of 5S management mode, continuous improvement to meet the needs from different regions and different customer.
   Besides we  sell our products to Hk ,Taiwan and Mainland China, We also  have many strategic partners from many countries &areas such as  North America ,Europe,,Middle East ,Japan , South Korea ,South East Asia and so on .Now we are paying much attention in the South America ,who is a emerging market .
   Competitions are becoming more strong ,besides expanding business for OEM/ODM ,the leader of B-Enjoy consider much and decidedly  set up Our own Brand “B-Enjoy”,expect to Provide superior products &serive in the market. Better Products ,Better Enjoy are our  objective of the struggle.
B-Enjoy Culture:
B-Enjoy Spirit:Study hard and make progress every day.
Business Policy: Customer first ,Cooepration Win-Win.
Brand Mind: Better Products ,Better Enjoy.
Strategic Objective: Focus Industry,Cast competitive products,Achieve Value of B-enjoy Brand .
B-Enjoy Vision: Stable struggle, steady progression,No best ,Only better ,Keep make value for customer,Improve Brand influence ,care for social benefit
Talent policy: impartial platform,do it for oneself , relaxed work ,confortable life .