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Eat mat type of knowledge


Can eat mat is a kind of protection, decoration meal used items from the table. Commonly used materials such as cotton, hemp, bamboo, paper cloth. Colour is beautiful and diverse, closer to people's lives, strong slip friction to prevent glass, porcelain cup. Can also protect the desktop from the spoil. 
1, hemp eat mat, insect-resistant moth-proofing, good durability. 
2, cotton eat mat, water imbibition is strong, easy to clean. 
Best insulating 3, bamboo meal pad, stays, can effectively prevent damage of the hot items on the table. 
4, silicone placemats: now sing sing popular a kind of eat mat, materials and environmental protection, thermal insulation, but the cost price is higher. 
5, plastic table mat: environmental protection PP eat mat, EVA eat mat is relatively popular, light environmental protection, novel styles, and suitable for surface printing a variety of patterns. 
6 eat mat, paper cloth: the latest environmental protection material, has good thermal insulation, but there is no water to wash. 
7, plastic, eat mat, made of PVC plastic eat mat, modelling is various, such as cartoon characters, brand modelling, simulation model and so on, add buy design, decorative pattern is more outstanding, not only have practical, and can have very good visual effect. 
8 eat mat, PVC, silicone eat mat, simple sense is good, can try again and again, bright color, surface can make all sorts of design, it will never rub off! And can do the LOGO on the wooden wooden eat mat stronger practicability, eat mat also more durable, but the color with species too drab. 
Due to the low carbon environmental protection silicone eat mat, non-slip, shock, heat insulation, wear-resisting, etc is superior performance, more and more European and American five-star hotels for silicone eat mat is very popular! Especially high-end hotel attaches great importance to environmental protection, evaluation of five-star hotel standards is to see if the hotel's environmental indicators, rather than just decorate class to measure. 

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