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The characteristics of the magical mat


Magic mat because of material, in the long run it will be in the oil, corrosion auto instrument desk, and he can't do is complex, the surface design of general for monochrome! Now in the market began to popular silicone car
Mat, because of its good stickiness, environmental protection, do not hurt the car instrument desk, widely popular with the customers. Its sales by far than the other similar products. Believe in the near future, the silicone car mat, will become more popular
1, place mat on the car instrument on the stage, non-adhesive, non-glare, don't hurt instrument desk, with a strong adhesion force, mobile phones, cigarettes, pen, COINS, glasses and any items on the above, even if the brakes or strong
The strong vibration will not slide.
2, can according to the requirements of the guests personalized, modelling design the beauty is generous.
3, both soft and elastic, prevent slippery effect is better.
4, can be directly water cleaning, remove the dust in the antiskid mat, can be used repeatedly.
5, belongs to the green environmental protection product, the product has passed SGS testing, is the best promotion gifts, advertising companies and products are widely used in automobile products, promotional gifts, advertising and other indust

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