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The mouse wrist pad for preventing the mouse hand


More and more people need to frequently use in work and life to a computer, which makes the "mouse hand" carpal tunnel syndrome, such as a disease, a growing number of civilization is visible to the teachers, text scribe, parts among assemblers, etc. Moreover, in the car race, time is too long, if continuing to drive the wheel improper method, etc. Can also cause a wrist injury. All of these should be enough to cause the attention of people, and as soon as possible. 

"Mouse hand" is a kind of carpal tunnel syndrome, some people for 2 hours to 6 hours a day with a computer mouse to work or play computer games, are likely to have different levels of the wrist injury. If you feel the palm of your hand when operating the computer can cramp when dragging the mouse numb, the index finger, wrist joint swelling, hand movements flexible and even weakness, it is possible to have invaded by carpal tunnel syndrome. 

To this, people in daily life how should prevent? 

Don't hung up the operator of the wrist and arm desktop should try to keep at 0 degrees, then can make the wrist in a state of nature horizontally, the operator will also feel the most comfortable, the lowest rate of wrist symptoms. Therefore, when using the mouse, don't dangling arm, as far as possible in order to ease the pressure on the wrist. 

Its operation is multi-purpose muscles do not use wrist when moving the mouse and by doing arm strength, as far as possible to reduce wrist stress, and don't be too hard knock the keyboard and the mouse buttons. 

The height of chair is moderate Using a computer, the height of the keyboard and mouse, below the elbow height when sitting, it helps to reduce operating a computer in lower back and neck muscles and hand tendon sheath and other parts of the damage. In addition, had better choose big radian, contact width of the mouse, such conducing to force the scattered. 

Timing and activities Try to avoid arms for a long time in a fixed, mechanical and frequent activities of the state. If hold the mouse and an hour of work with rose and active member, do some fisting, pinch refers to relax finger movements. 

Among them, women are the biggest victims, carpal tunnel syndrome risk often higher than the male, this is mainly because women generally carpal tunnel is usually smaller than men, the wrist median nerve easily oppressed. So, MM people more attention when using computer, to avoid the "mouse hand". 

For the "mouse hand", there is no good treatment, mainly on prevention, the netizens should strengthen alert, pay attention to exercise more at ordinary times, don't face computer for long, otherwise it is difficult to recover, can't wait until the onset of the doctor, familiar with taobao's friends in taobao search "mouse wrist pad", "computer armguard keyword search" to see, it is recommended to choose this kind of product even when considering the comfortable sex (especially the elbow pad parts as far as possible choose soft comfortable handle such products)! Combining parts of other products with table must study well, too, suggestion choice before and after the double locking, this clasp with not easy plexus slippage on the table. Again, while keep hands sliding flexible, quality assurance, reasonable price is the key!

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