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Sales of mouse mat


Mouse mat is not the same as the sales method can have different price, so for mouse pad sales method let's go to look at:
Sell law one: to sell the product's brand value, can sell 7 yuan/a
If you will it labeled as a famous brand, it can sell yuan in June and July. Shop next door 3 yuan/call rang again trashy also, because of your mouse pad is a brand, almost all people are willing to pay for the brand, this is the product of the brand value innovation.
Sell law ii: sell products of cultural value, can sell 5 yuan/a
If you design it into this year's most popular style of mouse pad, can sell 5 yuan. Shop next to the wife of shop-owner reduction of dark move estimate also make not on, because you have culture of mouse pad, shouted at it
, consumers are willing to pay more, this is the cultural value of the product innovation.
Sell law 3: selling products segment of the market value of 188 yuan/nor can not
If you put your that has health protection function of mouse pad printing on the Chinese zodiac, and ready to fashion lovers package box, named "in pairs" or "forever", for the birthday
Couples, / to sell 188 yuan, will definitely make for to buy each other what birthday gift of nerve-wracking young people after paying the money also don't forget to turn head to say "thank you", this is the niche product value
Sell law 4: sell products portfolio value, 15 yuan/no problem
If you all three mouse pad to make cartoon characters, combined into a suit mouse pads packed in sweet, beautiful family, the name sell law ", a call father mouse pad, a name is a mother's love mouse pad, a childlike innocence mouse pad, 50 yuan a set of no problem. The shop owner next door is 3 yuan/shout break throat also useless, children will a took my mom to buy your family "I love my family". This is the value innovation product portfolio.
Sell law five: selling the use value of the product itself, only 3 yuan/a
If you will be his only when a common mouse pad, in the ordinary shop, using ordinary sales methods, may be the best it can sell 3 yuan, is also likely to encounter the shop owner on guest dark move next door, it is of no value innovation tragic ending.
Sell law 6: selling products of commemorative value, not to sell 2000 yuan/a unless thinking
If this mouse pad is used or Obama, hu was later Yang accidentally brought to the space to use, and the mouse pad, not to sell the 2000 yuan/a unless thinking, this is the product of value innovation.
Sell law 7: selling product packaging value, selling 288 yuan/to sell more fire
If you have health care function of couples zodiac suit to make three types of packing: one kind is affordable, 188 yuan/right; The second is exquisite, selling 238 yuan/right; The third is a luxury pack, selling 288 yuan/about. To be sure, the last to sell the fire is surely not 188 yuan of/on the benefits, but 238 yuan of/about fine, this is the product packaging value innovation.
Sell law eight: selling the extension of product function value, sell for 80 yuan/absolutely
If you suddenly discovered that the little mouse pad material is made of magnetic material, let me help you dig out its magnetic therapy and health care function, sell for 80 yuan/absolutely. This time next to the wife of shop-owner estimates are embarrassed to call 3 yuan /, because no one letter 3 yuan/a mouse pad will be a magnetic therapy and health care function, which is the extension of product value innovation.

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