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The advantages of gel mouse pad


Gel mouse pad can also be called a silica gel mouse pad, are also using breathable lycra elastic cloth + soft silicone filled wristbands mouse pad (good) + anti-slip PU (commonly known as hard silicone) at the bottom of the material, then what advantages relative to the gel mouse pad? Let's think about small make up to share with you:
1, the protection of the wrist, can reduce the tiredness of the long time when using the mouse wrist and protect the wrist joint.
2, silicone mouse pad has a wide range of advertising coverage: make full use of the entire surface of the mouse pad.
3, follow one's inclinations of the design space; Use Full color printing to satisfy the needs of a variety of graphic.
4, silicone mouse pad for the mouse to slide, more accurate positioning, rubber cloth mouse pad surface rough, not high precise positioning. High precise positioning.
5, unique non-slip function at the bottom of the handle.
6, silicone mouse pad has the capability of low absorption of electromagnetic radiation, and rubber cloth mouse pad does not have.
7, silicone mouse pad service life is longer than rubber cloth mouse pad, rubber cloth mouse pad service life of the average in the five months or so, and the service life of the silica gel mouse pad, on average, more than 5 years. Silica gel mouse pad is composed of organic silicon by metal die-casting, and rubber cloth mouse pad is made of cloth and rubber die casting, easy to fall off.
8, silicone mouse pad is avirulent environmental protection, and the traditional mouse pad is made up of rubber at the bottom, cloth surface, rubber to join in the synthesis of toluene and other harmful substances, with little damage to the body.
9, ergonomic design: the design of the silica gel combination of height and wrist down action position design.
10, silicone mouse pad can be recycled again (also is environmental protection in the process of recycling process), rubber cloth mouse pad cannot be recycled.
Dreaming about small make up to share with you the above content is knowledge of the advantages of the gel mouse pad, after telling people if they have the corresponding understanding? If you also want to learn more knowledge, sincerely look forward to you can contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly, hope to bring you a better help.

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