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The origin of the mouse mat


mouse pad, advertising has a lot of people never pay attention to the product, today, the change is very big, but many people still don't understand the mouse pad can bring what kind of change. Many people think that this is just a small cushion under the mouse, you can even use paper or other to replace it, especially now that the era of optical mouse, surface can directly use the mouse on the table. 

First with the mouse pad because when the mouse mechanical design, this is at the beginning of the have a ball at the bottom of the mouse, in use process, the interface is slightly rough will affect the use of the mouse. Mouse pad can not only make the mouse using more smoothly, also can prevent the mouse ball into the dust, and affect the precision. 

Although now is the time when the optical mouse, the mouse's ability has been very good, but for some users, mouse pad is very important. Such as the game very good professional users and accuracy and stability requirements, when using the mouse to a good mouse mat. 

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