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The choose and buy of mat


Mat mat, just as its name implies is to prevent sliding because is to prevent slip mat, therefore when the choose and buy should pay attention to some knowledge of choose and buy to choose better prevent slippery mouse pad, let's b - enjoy the small make up to tell you: 
1, non-slip mat are small, but sometimes the car drop items about safety, had better go to normal auto parts stores or online mall to buy, do not covet is cheap to buy inferior mat. 
2, try not to choose add spice flavored mat, non-slip mat now most add artificial flavor, aroma in the car is harmful to human body, can spray some perfume in the antiskid mat. 
3, buy the best choose and buy more soft thinner, the more the better the performance of the thinner soft slippery, too hard mat non-slip performance will be discounted. 
4, best can purchase two pieces, when buying used interchangeably, easy to clean. 
Through the interpretation of the above is you already know more how to choose the mat? Welcome to contact us. 

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