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Skid pad purchase and use of knowledge


There are cell phone slip mat mat, car mat, bath mat, stair mat, yoga mat, carpet mat, toolbox mat, cup non-slip mats and so on. So in life we shouldPurchase of non-slip mats and use of knowledge have appropriate understanding, today small to share with you:
1, non-slip pad is small, but sometimes the car slipped items related to security issues, it is best to go to a regular auto parts store or online store to buy, do not buy low-quality non-slip mats freeloaders.
2, try not to use add spice scented mat, now the smell of most non-slip mats add artificial flavors, harmful in the car, you can spray your own perfume in skid pad.
3, buy the best to buy two, alternating use, easy to clean.
4. The best time to buy buy softer thinner, softer the better slip resistance thin, too hard skid skid pad performance will be greatly reduced.
When using the mat, shouted Network Reminder: The first time, the first anti-skid pad to scrub with alcohol and placed in a cool, well-ventilated place to dry place for a long time, about 12 hours or so, which could reach antivirus sterilization

The role of non-slip mat and extend life. When later use, should be cleaned once a month, preferably with alcohol, water can be.
Through the above explanation, we are not already have the appropriate understanding of it? If you would like to learn more knowledge, sincerely look forward to you can contact us, we will take it a car for you, hopeHope to give you better help.

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