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Mouse pad order information


The mouse pad is a kind of convenient mouse accessories, in order when there are some issues we need to know. What are 
these problems mainly include? Tell you below: 
The first, is about the mouse pad draft problem. 
Mouse pad design draft can be manufacturer also can be provide. 
Second, what is color of cloth printing way. 
Color of cloth printing way is ink brush; First belongs to the category of special printing, printing way will be made 
to print the printing draft for transfer printing paper, and then place the printing surface and the workpiece 
counterpoint, again through 200 degrees temperature and pressure, as to make the sublimation ink on paper, this 
manuscript content and transfection on the fabric. 
Third, the customer in other provinces, should how to operate. 
Now is the Internet era, no matter where you as long as there is network, can through the network to the product 
information confirmed. 
Fourth, in the process of production to the factory on-the-spot investigation. 
In the process of production, the customer can undertake field trips to the factory at any time after the 
Fifth, whether can you provide the goods after purchase invoice? 
Can provide the national tax, invoice invoice types: AnHu province cargo sales invoice; Ordinary tax + 6%, if you need 
the VAT + 10% company must find friends, customers need to provide the relevant information of make out an invoice, 
please contact the sales staff. 
After the 6th, use cloth color printing will not rub off. 
Due to mature in technology in recent years, the text pattern on the fabric by high temperature high pressure dyeing; 
So won't appear fade phenomenon in our daily life, even under the high temperature of 150 degrees or so, in a short 
period of time contact, also won't appear in the change of the colors, not decoloring, keep forever. 
Seventh, goods delivery way generally what, is how to charge. 
According to customer requirements in terms of shipping, logistics, express delivery, shipping, air freight, etc. The 
charge is pay. 
Eighth, mouse pad specification is usually how much. 
Can be customized according to customer requirements specifications, and now the domestic general common 
specifications generally includes the following several kinds: 220 * 180 mm * 190 mm 180 180 250 260 * 190 * 210 mm * 
240 mm 300 mm 260 * 260 mm * 260 mm round diameter 20 cm Ø 21 cm 25 cm, etc.; Thickness can be 1.5 mm - 6 mm, etc. 
Also have customer asked to do special-shaped, indeed, the years also took some modelling list, but the overall 
feedback or rectangular more atmosphere, more suitable for the needs of most users. Mouse pad for more specifications, 
such as 30 * 50 cm, 40 * 55 cm or extra-large mouse pad big MAC 1.2 m * 2 m or so huge specification table mat, such a 
large size mat can be produced. 
How long the ninth, mouse pad production cycle. 
Mouse pad production cycle depends on order quantity; 5000 copies of the following is normal in 3 to 6 days or so to 
complete the delivery; Number in 10000, normal 4 to 7 days or so to complete, the number of more than 50000, according 
to the condition of customer order our specific orders and specific negotiation. Eventually, of course, the production 
time according to customer specific circumstances to determine the order, if the list is urgent, and declared the best 
order, to negotiate arrangements. 
The tenth, mouse pads, general how much is the price. 
Price is according to the specifications of the mouse pad area, material and quality packaging materials, etc. 

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