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Mouse mat order information


The effect of the mouse mat, mouse position, the position more demanding users, are often willing to part with or use before hundreds of yuan to buy the mouse, but ignored the best partner of the mouse Most of the rubber mouse pad or cloth as raw material, USES the particle friction is bigger, the goods appearance mechanical mouse movement and positioning, convenient and cheap price, sales in the market is very big. Drawback is that feel is rough and not high accurate positioning, simple and dirty, not easy to arrange. 

Adapt to the new optical mouse, there are vendors introduced a raw materials, such as glass, aluminum, mouse pad, is characterized by appearance has a special texture, increase light reflex and deal with sensitivity and easy to arrange. Wear, but the raw material will increase the mouse, you can move. Be careful in choosing a mouse pad appearance is flat, refused to some burr, not the appearance of the similar goods. Deformation, but also should pay attention to product is very simple, for some projects are using the raw rubber and diluent, using a very simple permanent twists and turns. 


The choose and buy when the mouse pad also consider the human body engineering. Some programs only added a hand, it can reduce the wrist when using the level of fatigue, but this is not really the product of human body engineering. To pay attention to its function positioning of choose and buy, mouse pad and not dispensable spend more money. 

First of all, based on the mouse wheel mechanical mouse, mouse pad some custom texture design is not correct, the mouse in the above will be very difficult, don't choose too coarse grain products. Optical mouse users have a doubt, it is noteworthy that is reflected infrared optical mouse depend on positioning, red infrared reflective ability is very weak, optical mouse will become insensitive, also try not to choose the red mouse pad. 

Mouse pad on the current market price difference is very big, goods from 2 dollars to hundreds of yuan, and all things are not always seek bar, can be determined according to the level of the mouse. In general, the distribution of 10 yuan to 100 yuan at the mercy of the mouse and mouse pad. 

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