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Big table mat can is a kind of protection, decoration table meal used items, suitable for sales promotion, publicity, advertising, gifts, printing company LOGO, school canteen, make the enterprise culture better propaganda and promotion.To spend money, do great things, to win more interests.Small transparent table mat product design, generous, beautifully printed, ink and material non-toxic environmental protection, can be repeated use.
1, in the family or the use of office environment, this product can be very good to protect your desktop and mesa, bring warmth to your furniture and personal protection.
2, for the restaurant which can reduce the cost of cleaning, add restaurant elegant appearance.Office for personal, warm in winter and cool in summer, resilient, fire retardant, insulation, moistureproof, heat insulation, sound insulation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, deformation, fracture, illumination, prevent fading resistance, weatherability.
3, the material of soft glass high heat resistance, cold resistant, resistant to strong acid, alkali, resistance to pressure and static, impact resistance, good tensile resistance, anti-aging, pervious to light, long service life.
4 fluent in written, mesa is qualitative light, soft, fast, safe and convenient access to data, help to improve the Banks, schools, government agencies, companies, word processing efficiency, and reduce the cost.
5, antistatic property, in the telecommunications, electronics, precision instruments use desktop of computer company is prerequisite products.Now many computer use common company shall replace the glass desktop, with a soft glass replacement.

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