Yoga mat considerations of choose and buy


Yoga MATS, yoga is covered in the following MATS, yoga MATS look uniform particles, bubble plump, soft, non-toxic, tasteless, can prevent slippery, springback is strong, has a strong resistance to tear, is the ambition of yoga practice is selected;Yoga mat need to notice when the choose and buy what item?
1. Yoga mat of choose and buy should pay attention to the following: length should not be shorter than the height, width is not narrow to shoulder breadth;
2. 6 mm in thickness at the mercy of, in a thin cushion joints feel pain when they touch the ground, too thick and will affect the stability of standing action;
3. Weight: moderate because yoga mat in a lot of time is we need to carry, so try not to select too heavy MATS, in order to carry;
4. The uniformity of yoga MATS, yoga mat tile, investigating the foaming degree of uneven, if foam pad surface uneven, in use process is very simple case of damage.Such as foam raised some damage, is not fixed;
5. Pad surface skid resistance, cushion flat out with the palm of your hand to move forward again, you push hard on the mat if slides on the mat on the floor or hand sliding on the surface of the pad, clarify the mat skid resistance is not very good.Unnecessary damage may occur in the process of practice, should be careful with this kind of mat;
6. Investigate the elasticity of the yoga mat: press knead to yoga mat, such as feeling very simple pinch of both hands together, confirmed that the yoga mat is too soft, this yoga mat even thicker, joints, such as the knees touch the ground when he gave pain.Such as yoga mat quality is not very good, let's weak skin cannot afford, and easy craze, not easy to receive.Must choose good elasticity, soft hard moderate you practice yoga mat to cooperation;

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