Mobile phone mat features


Mobile phone mat, popular point, is in the car appearance on the stage of a mat, put the car place adorn article, such as mobile phone, not easy to slide.Also called mobile phone mat, car mat.Mat can be made from a variety of materials.Comparison in PVC mat, silicone mat, PU mat, etc.Can prevent slippery, non-toxic;
Mobile phone mat features:
In addition to the bathroom mat, mat, non-slip cup mat, etc.In the mobile phone mat because the convenience is practical, by the broad masses of people having people like, in recent years in the national car supplies professional gift, very sell like hot cakes, development and produce of speed, product varieties and functions are becoming more complete and abundant, from the aspects of exterior have cartoon characters, fruit shape, animal model, Coca-Cola bottles of various shapes such as beautiful, colorful style;From the aspects of function, has the environmental radiation protection, induction to lightning, etc.From the aspects of material with PVC, silicon, EVA and so on;
In recent years, and presents a new product, mana, data is usually silicone maybe PU, he has the character of 360 degrees or 90 degrees antiskid, not PVC material in terms of antiskid effect can match, but has its advantages together must have drawbacks.Because of the materials, long the time it will be in the oil, the appearance of corrosion sedan, and appearance picture can't do is messy, and usually a monochrome;

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