The technical index of the mouse pad


The mouse as a standard input device is indispensable, and with the continuous development of the personal computer, its role is gradually over the keyboard.Good set the saddle on the horse needs, however, is not a good mouse
In addition, it is the best partner that the mouse pad.
1, the smooth degree of
Smooth degree is divided into two concepts.Ss: mainly used to measure the roughness of surface of mouse pad, and can guarantee the stability of the mouse moving average.Slide: referring to the table when moving the mouse on the mouse pad surface。
Smooth feeling.Smooth degree is higher, the mouse moves more smoothly.Quantification is in the same direction and power to promote the mouse, move the farther distance represents the greater the slide.Factors that affect the slippery degrees are material。
Slippery degree of the surface texture, shape and arrangement.The index is the most important factors affecting behind several indicators.Micro operations: the micro operations in FPS games is a mouse in the fan
Subtle move around.Important factor in determining the quality of micro operations is the mouse size, rapid starting friction is urgent.Friction is smaller, so the operation of the micro operations difficult
, the higher the conversely.RTS games like micro operations refers to the unit time more players can complete operations effectively.The more, the lower the false positives, micro operation ability is stronger.
2, under the stress reaction resistance
For example, if you are in a certain corner of CS suddenly encounter the enemy, and this is your first reaction is fast moving accuracy to aimed shot, then you use the strength of the wrist because will encounter
Incident caused by the increase of tension and not independent, and absolute amplitude are much larger than your normal when moving the mouse, so there are natural increase pressure on mouse pad, in this case the mat
The resistance of the body is under stress resistance.
3, positioning ability
In general, accuracy from mobile positioning refers to the FPS games to stop and reflect the accuracy of the targeting process are completed.As the old saying "refers to which play which".
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