The discrimination principle of the mouse pad


Mouse pad is a more popular mouse pad products, the most widely use scale.Limited and mouse pad can reduce the accumulation of debris at the bottom of the mouse jump to cut the frame representation in the use process monitoring useful enhance the mouse using accurate positioning, cut the influence of various external factors in the mouse pad.Instead of using the mouse pad is not good, because it cannot ensure the accuracy of the mouse position, and is too large to have his shoes on at the bottom of the mouse;
1) the price:
Each product has its cost, as a businessman can't lose money to sell things, especially cheap must be careful:
Color do mouse pad now more and more customers, especially in holiday, workshop to work overtime, early time is limited.Before the festival activities is a useful mouse pad, as far as possible before the holiday a month or so, in order to avoid the cluster;
The process simple black and white, can usually be issued within three days.After the confirmation of the color of the mouse pad to printing shop drawings, drawings transfer printing equipment of the reoccupy after drawing transfer printing mouse pad, the transmission efficiency is relatively low, no screen pri how about how to identify the quality of the mouse pad nt.In addition to the progress of the printing paper, may also affect the color of the mouse pads delivery.So color mouse pads are usually within 7 days of delivery.
2) circuit:
Advertising mouse pad, first of all, advertising information and businessman, you can use your hand a few times, you can see the light should be dug up, if can easily dig down, account is cheap printing paste, is one of the most cheap paint, in a very short period of time it will rub off, affect the health of the user, may also affect the advertisement effect of the enterprise;Control edition Mouse padlocked edge gaming mouse pad
3) smell:
Close to the nose has bad odor, this is the worst, several years ago, more people, now rarely used, but also on sale in the market, mainly because it is cheap;

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