The choice of advertising mouse pad


Mouse pad as a special advertising promotion products, with its low prices, excellent marketing effect won the majority of merchants love.Many people would put advertising mouse pad as advertising promotion products preferred.However the sort of advertising mouse pad, there are a lot of materials, specifications, price also from low to high, that how to choose suitable mouse pad as a promotional advertising mouse pad?Here is my experience when the choose and buy advertising mouse pad hope to subject 1, want to choose, and consistent promotion products.Advertising mouse pad is used for advertising, marketing, selecting advertising mouse pad, to be sure whether the product features and theme is related, in order to achieve the best marketing effect.For example, a large group company do sales promotion, to do propaganda and manifests the enterprise the image, order can choose middle-grade advertising mouse pad;High-tech products company, generally choose to smooth the surface of the PVC mouse pad, cooperate with printing on high-tech theme design to display the company's products with high technical content;Do tire companies, generally choose natural rubber material advertising mouse pad to advertising promotion products, soft natural rubber cloth mouse pad, can let a person think of immediately tire products.Do food company, generally choose tasteless, environmental protection, high quality materials, advertising mouse pad, to highlight the company green food, pure natural features.
2, according to the properties of the target group advertising promotional gifts, choice of advertising promotion products conform to the crowd.If group is white-collar clan, it must choose quality better mouse pad, make marketing more lasting effect.Because white-collar clan the highest frequency of using computer, mouse pad is the most easy to bad;If you need a large number of delivery in the street or an activity, audience more clutter.Can choose cheaper advertising mouse pad production, but here is not equal to churn out cheaper.Can through the design, layout, content, color, shape, etc, also can make people love the mouse pad.Therefore, design for advertising mouse pad is also very important.
3, according to the specific time by the sales promotion activity, choose suitable for the season of advertising promotion products.Qiu dong season do sales promotion, it is suggested that choose cloth mouse pad to advertising promotional gifts, because cloth insulation, not ice to the wrist;Summer do sales promotion, should choose PVC surface, crystal wristbands kind of mouse pad, can make hand feel cool, comfortable.
4, according to company's marketing purposes and requirements, to select the best value of mouse pad products.If the company marketing requirements for sales promotion is not high, you can purchase some cloth, monochrome printing mouse pad.Cheap, good marketing effect.If companies want to pursue high marketing effect, then you can purchase some good quality, feel is good, color printing character mouse pad.
5, choose good mouse pad production company is particularly important At present the main advertising mouse pad production base is located in dongguan city, guangdong province, there are dozens of production manufacturer But mainly in the production of high-grade advertising mouse pad few good high-end advertising mouse pad material basically is non-toxic No bad smell Not to drop words No peeling So do must choose good.

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