The mouse mat size selection


Mouse pad in the daily life of common objects, but few people know the size of the mouse pad how old do fit, according to what size to choose the mouse pad, explain for everybody below:
Now on the market sales of the mouse pad is generally a fixed specifications and sizes, generally common is 220 mm wide and 180 mm long, 260 mm wide and 210 mm long, 240 mm wide and 200 mm long, long and 300 mm to 250 mm wide. Many friends in the choose and buy when, rarely pay attention to size, more is to focus on material and the effect of photosensitive positioning. So the size is not really important?
Be fond of playing a game of friends, must know the mouse pad size is very important, too small for the operation, such as be fond of playing the CF's friends know, CF has a special mouse pad, can bring good control and speed, is a good assistant of gamers. Such a special mouse pads have different versions, according to the selected version and determine the size of the mouse pad, generally conducive to control size is 355 mm long and 355 mm wide.
General study and work, choosing mouse pad size, need not scruple gamers in terms of the choice should choose size according to the size of the size of the computer desk and computer monitors, choose the size of the general specification. General use can choose standard size, if you want to hold control and speed, can choose the brand of the mouse pad, so the size of the brand has its own unique standards, can buy according to their actual usage is reasonable.
How old do by introducing the mouse pad size appropriate, we know the size of the normal mouse pad, also know the relationship between the size of choose and buy a lot of time the mouse control and speed, the choose and buy what size mouse pad is appropriate, according to the different usage and conditions of use, reasonable choose and buy.
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