Different material mouse pad cleaning method


Computer has become an integral part of the entertainment and office life, the most common operations and computer basic operation is the mouse, use the mouse and often need to use the mouse pad, mouse pad though is rarely mentioned, but for game players, there is a mouse pad can bring comfort, not only can make the mouse more precise positioning, the most important thing is to play games can also be played up to, so the mouse pad for computer users are more worthy of attention, for the mouse pad cleaning should be noted that different materials of the mouse pad cleaning method is different, the following to introduce several kinds of the most common material mouse pad cleaning method: 
1. Cloth mouse pad cleaning method 
Said to the mouse pad cloth cloth here actually is not ordinary cloth, usually decorate soft smooth cloth mouse pad, cleaning method can take a basin of water soaked the plastic pad for a moment, and then apply a small amount of wash clean, with an old toothbrush gently scrub, not hard, toothbrush must also is to use the old, soft bristles, otherwise easy to damage the mouse pad. Then repeated several times after scrubbing the plastic pad will be refreshed, basic can restore to the original handle, This plastic mouse pad and cleaning method of synthetic material mouse pad 
Plastic and synthetic materials of mouse pads should be a kind of game players use more, can quickly cyberworks' and accurate braking, the mouse pad and plastic tend to be very smooth, control is relatively stable, the positioning accuracy is higher. Cleaning method in general is very simple, if think mouse mat is very dirty, you can directly use water wash, and then placed in the shade to dry, it is not recommended to place in the sun exposure (mouse click double-click to do). 
Plastic mouse pad and cleaning method of synthetic material mouse pad 
3. Metal or glass mouse pad cleaning method 
Metal or glass mouse pad we also rare, general cleaning method is more simple, direct rinse or use the brush lightly on or use wet towel to wipe clean can. 
Finally to share with you the suggested by the mouse pad cleaning method (do not represent the Pepsi computer network view) : a lot of cheap mouse pad a little rubber taste to taste great, don't wash, it is good to put a few days, to wash the mat, very hurt. If not too dirty to sincerely want to wash, need to pay attention to the following: 
1, can't use the brush when they are washed (mainly for cloth mouse pad). 
2 use the washing machine, do not be lazy, must be washed by hand. 
3, cannot use violent methods such as twist, twist, rubbing. 
4, do not use detergent kind of alkaline strong cleaning products. 
5, after cleaning, don't hang up air or under sunlight. 

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