Game mouse pad use what material is better


In the relationship between the mouse and the mouse pad, the contact between them is just to determine their importance to each other, and to make them more important is to match each other.Game mouse pad, mouse paduse what material is better
From the material, the mouse pad is mainly divided into: fabric material, glass / metal materials and plastic mixture of three categories, these three categories of material characteristics of different, and the mouse is not the same.
1 fabric material game mouse pad
Fabric material is a kind of more approachable products. Although it is very simple, but the cloth pad is also very particular about the work. Now the cloth pad is divided into two kinds, one is the fine, a rough, two design has a different feel and application. Good performance in rough handling, and fine surface has a good performance in terms of speed. The advantage of the cloth pad is durable, but the disadvantage is that the mouse pad is easy to open around the impact of the use of the mouse pad.
The cloth material game mouse pad
This kind of gaming mouse pad body is mostly by very fine cloth attached on a piece of rubber, using the back of a sawtooth shaped rubber to slip into the role. CPI (Per Inch Count per inch of the number of measurements) is not so high as to use the mouse will be more pleasant to use.
But some fabric material of the mouse pad, cloth material may add some special material or coating, although this will increase smoothness, but the mouse pad and those refresh frames mouse collocation is likely to occur of lost frames.
2 glass / metal material game mouse pad
Glass / metal material is actually the domestic players earlier exposure to the middle of the high-end mouse pad.
Metal material game mouse pad:
A large glass / metal material characteristics is moving extremely smooth, it will naturally make the game player feel comfortable. If there is a more subtle means of operation, then either precise movement range is small or large range of long-distance raid can be completed perfectly.
Glass / metal material is similar to the disadvantage of a fabric material, that is some products in the reflection do not so perfect, reflection is not perfect, is the natural result of optical mouse, the phenomenon of missing frames, and sometimes even unable to move the mouse.
3 plastic mixed material game mouse pad
Plastic mixed material is currently a hot category on the market.
Due to the too slippery or too slippery mouse pad for a small range of precise operation is not so favorable, so the rapid movement and precision brake has often become the opposite of the performance.
On these issues, the plastic mixture is a good compromise, especially in the face of the two sides to add more in different games, different entertainment habits and different requirements of the complex situation of the ability to adapt. Plastic mixed material of the shortcomings of the mouse pad is relatively large wear.
Game mouse pad of the applicability of choice, it is good to abandon the idea of moving smooth. Players must clear their own habits, clear the use of the habit to choose the right mouse pad.

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