Sexy Mouse pad to tell you the use of the mouse


The mouse is a kind of computer input device, divide into two kinds, wired and wireless computer display system of vertical and horizontal coordinate positioning indicator, named after the deep shaped like a mouse "mouse" (Hong Kong and Taiwan as a mouse). So the mouse pad is to assist the mouse parts of equipment, the use of Sexy Mouse pad for the use of the mouse pad principle knowledge small make up to tell you:
Belting leather ball mouse: rubber ball drive to grating light emitting diode and the photosensitive triode sensor pulse signal of the wafer.
Optical mouse: infrared ray scattering particles of light irradiation with light-emitting semiconductor light pulse signal of sensors and photoelectric sensors.
Wireless mouse: using DRF technology move the mouse on the X or Y, button pressed or raise the information into a wireless signal and sent to the host.
The mouse is a very common computer input device, it can be for the current cursor position on the screen, and through the keys and roller unit to operate by the cursor position of screen elements. The ancestor of the mouse appeared in 1968, the American scientist Douglas engelbart (Douglas Englebart) made the first mouse in California.
Divided into mechanical mouse mouse according to its working principle and optical mouse, the mechanical mouse is mainly composed of ball, roller and grating sensor signal. When you drag the mouse, driven in ball, ball and drive roller rotation, installed in the roller end of grating signal collecting grating sensor signal. Sensor produced by the photoelectric pulse signal reflects the mouse in the vertical and horizontal displacement in the direction of change, through processing and transforming of the computer program to control the movement of the cursor arrow on the screen.
Through the above Sexy Mouse pad manufacturer to explain the use of the mouse principle knowledge, isn't it already has the corresponding understanding? If you also want to learn more knowledge, welcome to inquire.

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