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Mouse pad cleaning method


Mouse pad is computer users are commonly used as computer accessories, mouse pad dirty to clean, of course, as a kind of computer users schedule often in contact with the hand above the items over time will become very dirty, we can use a microscope picture you can see a lot of bacteria in the above, this is terrible, that our mouse pad is not very dirty? The answer is yes. 
1, the mouse pad rubber cloth when cleaning, do not force too big, do not twist, smoothing the mouse pad, gently massage a few drops of detergent on the appropriate use of hand. 
2, silicone wristbands, mouse pad, cleaning after put the mouse pad soaked in water, drops of detergent, using a soft brush MAO, gently scrub wristbands position of the bulge, general wristbands plane part of the mouse pad is not very easy to get dirty, clear without too much effort. 
Partner of mouse mouse pad you will not be unfamiliar, in a variety of market selection of mouse pad is compared to a lot of people compare eye thing, especially for game players, mouse pad with the mouse itself even with similar importance, to choose a good mouse pad can not only in the process of using a mouse feeling comfort from mouse pad, still can make the mouse more accurate positioning, a lot of the function of mouse pad is self-evident. 
Keyboard class seems as high-tech in the keyboard products into market, the more the more towards photoelectric mouse already, and the traditional mechanical mouse has slowly fade out, the market for more of the mouse operation, more and more mouse pad also arises at the historic moment, if your mouse is the tell from the optical reflective photoelectric best is dark blue, black, red, red little mouse pad on the market, however, are generally black or blue, design and color is more, should try to avoid using photoelectric mouse to choose the color of shallow mouse pad, such as white, pale yellow, etc; In a normal mouse pad market in 5 ~ 10 yuan, you also have to 20 ~ 50, truly high-end mouse pad is different, of course, may be the price will be beyond your imagination oh, mouse pad material in the market is mainly cloth, glass, metal, plastic mixing material this a few kinds of mouse pad, choice may also vary from person to person.

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