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Mouse pad material


The material in use mouse pad, mouse pad commonly used material for rubber materials, rubber and there is a natural and renewable rubber, recycled rubber on the user's physical and mental health has certain harm. So earnestly to consumers how to distinguish between the understanding of the material. Today should be fort, wholesale gift mouse pad manufacturer to teach you a few skill of mouse pad, the choose and buy the following for details:
Appropriate instance fort, gift mouse pad wholesale products
Appropriate fort, gift mouse pad wholesale product instance (pictured above)
1, the mouse pad recognition techniques
A look, and see some natural rubber side bubble, more than regeneration. Natural directly take August on embossing grain, and regeneration is T commonly, round, and the diamond, etc.
Second, general natural rubber is harder than reclaimed rubber.
Three smell, the taste of natural rubber is relatively weak.
2, mouse pad, the market price
The above price so many kinds of mouse pad is there a difference? B: of course.
In the same amount of cases, the price of natural rubber, and PU foam was the highest mouse pad, PVC + EVA mouse pad, it is cheaper.

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