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The importance of the mouse pad, professional and fashion are now need to be considered part of the computer configuration.Especially for gamers, mouse pads and even close to the mouse itself has the importance of a good mouse pads can make mouse operation more as well, in all kinds of games can let the players have better performance.So the mouse pad and game peripherals, one of the four major Kings.
1, choose the most suitable for mouse pad
On the relationship between the mouse and mouse pad, the contact between them the importance of "intimate" just decided they to each other, and to let the match between them is more important is to adapt to each other.Will tell from the material, mouse pads is mainly divided into: cloth fabric material, glass/metal and plastic composite material three categories, the characteristics of the three kinds of material is different, the collocation with the mouse.
2, cloth fabric material mouse pad
Cloth fabric material is a kind of product that is approachable.Most of this kind of mouse pad body is made up of very fine cloth attached on a piece of rubber, the back sawtooth star rubber is used to prevent slippery effect.CPI (Count Per Inch measurement times Per Inch) is not so high a mouse used on it will be more pleasure.Fabrics material mouse pad, but some cloth on the cloth fabric may add some special material or coating, although this can increase the smoothness, but this kind of mouse pad and mouse who refresh frames lost frame collocation when it may happen.
3, glass/metal material mouse pad
Glass/metal material is early exposure to domestic players in high-end mouse pad.The one big characteristic of glass/metal material is move extremely smooth, it is a natural for players to feel very comfortable.If there is more exquisite and operation means, then both small precise mobile and a wide range of long-distance strikes can all be done perfectly.Glass/metal material also has a material similar faults and cloth fabrics, that is some products do not so perfect, on reflection on the reflection is not perfect, the natural result is optical mouse appear lost frame phenomenon, can appear sometimes the phenomenon of the mouse can't move.
4, plastic mixing material mouse pad
Plastic material is currently on the market popular categories.Because of too slippery or too acerbity mouse pad for a small range of precise operation is not so good, so move fast and accurate braking also tend to be the opposite of performance.On these issues, plastic mixing materials is a good compromise, especially double-sided design more added in different games, entertainment habits and different requirements under the complex condition of the ability to adapt.Plastic mixing material mouse pad the main drawback is that is larger.
The applicability of the mouse pad to choose, to abandon the move smoothly is a good idea.Players must clear their own habits, has been clear about the habits to choose the appropriate mouse pad.

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