Good mouse pad clearance method


If mouse pad is new, so, it is possible that your mouse pad material is reclaimed rubber can don't abandon;Is there will be a sour taste, uncomfortable!So what exactly is the reason?
"Eating" bacteria also secrete after corneous layer, the bacterial secretion contains a lot of ammonia, acetaldehyde and hydrogen sulfide, the secretions in the mouse mat, mixed sweat again, will announce a stink;
Therefore, moist impurities such as mouse pad plus cuticle and sweat, bacteria to the rapid reproduction will cause skin disease and allergic.Wet mouse pad without treatment will relish the next day, just not weigh the same, is especially significant in summer;
Wet mouse pad environment create conditions for the birth of the bacteria;Together, mouse pad, after using the skin grease, on the surface of the stratum corneum, dander, protein, inorganic salt and other impurities and sweat on the mouse mat;More accelerated the bacteria breeding;
How to eliminate the stink of mouse pad as follows:
It is the brief:
Timing with boiled water scald the mouse pad, kill bacteria, only with washing powder and detergent are not enough;Claims if conditional word, use a mouse pad for disinfection in addition to the peculiar smell of the effect is better;Mouse pad customized network will rely on outstanding promise, solid strength, high quality goods, low price services into users;

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