Mouse pad of reclaimed rubber and natural rubber


If we put aside quotation, common mouse pads are on the market of reclaimed rubber, silicone, rubber, natural rubber, etc., do you think what kind of best?Believe that you see me for a while to understand to distinguish, because each different mouse pad each has its advantages.Almighty thought, pure natural mouse pad biggest role is to bear or endure dirty, easy to clean, environmental protection, also that said, choosing the mouse pad at the top of the aim is also to bear or endure dirty, easy to clean, environmental protection.Here, we'll pass test method to prove what kind of mouse pad most useful;Gaming Mouse pads
1) reclaimed rubber:
Can see from the test, usually stains are very simple grey class into reclaimed rubber, its waterproof function is able to, is not environmental protection.May only see appearance, most customers will think that the most shelter evil people and practices easily reclaimed rubber, but it is true or not, still is to have a look at the actual talent know, from 2 trials to see, such as mud and soot stains on the reclaimed rubber is mostly attached to the mouse pad marked, and will not be bite by the mouse mat mat;
2) natural rubber:
Natural rubber in the usual days also pretty much, can choose this kind of mouse pad, mostly due to time and long also won't appear old, water proofing property is wonderful, fall off not easily also, tasteless, the key is to bear or endure dirty, easy to clean, environmental protection;Mouse mat
The test items for the general customers choose more reclaimed rubber, natural rubber mouse pad, of course, there are some other types of mouse pad, for instance of silicone, rubber, butyronitrile, etc.Did not put them on the evaluation of project, the first reason is that most of customers are already know this kind of mouse pad is the most difficult to clean, so there is no need to take out the test, the second is due to many customers reflect this kind of mouse pad cushion smell is bigger, so considering the environmental protection, made this kind of rubber do not do the evaluation target;

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