mouse pad custom fabrics


mouse pad order what are the commonly used fabric?Small make up for you on:
1, there is light cloth: special light, pattern is clear texture.
2, silk cloth: suitable for high-end Chinese style gifts, like: ceramics, blue and white porcelain, ethnic customs and other subjects of practical for mouse pad
3, elastic fabric, stretch poplin is adopted for spandex yarn and cotton, polyester yarn and woven fabrics, containing 3% - 10% spandex silk, with good elasticity.Style for white color, soft and comfortable, suitable for all kinds of mouse pad printing.
4, mesh fabric, knitted mesh fabric is divided into two kinds of weft and warp knitted mesh fabric.Weft knitted mesh cloth adopts screw set or double thread set woven ring group.Thread appeared set circle diamond effect of concave and convex or honeycomb mesh.This kind of fabrics have good air permeability, thin and fabrics, often with pure cotton.Suitable for use in a game hardcore players, positioning precision!!!!!Brand mouse pad often choose this fabric!Yarn and polyester yarn for weaving, style characteristic is shown as: good permeability, fabrics, thin, crisp appearance and size stability is good.
5, glasses cloth: suitable for high-end notebook computers advertising mouse pad, simple sense is comfortable, and buildings can wipe the computer screen, polyester cotton, polyester fiber with high intensity, woven cloth to do advertising mouse pad conformal sex good, don't shrink deformation.Wear resistance, and durable, crisp anti-wrinkle, manageable hair after washing to soup, but polyester fiber moisture permeability is poor, poor ability to absorb sweat.Cotton fiber has good absorbent.So this year to people using the polyester and cotton woven knitting fabric, polyester cotton fabrics as the fabrics of advertising mouse pad.This fabric with polyester yarn, yarn with cotton, use change double thread woven, play to their advantages of polyester and cotton fiber.Its main features are: fabric crisp anti-wrinkle, strong wear resistance, good color fastness;Close a breathable absorbent, soft and comfortable, widely used in the production of advertising mouse pad.
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